Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sorry about the midseason break, I meant to do picks last week but was preoccupied by attending the Bears beatdown last week. Considering the last time I went to Lambeau I saw the Vikings get taken to the woodshed, I think I see a trend here: Lucas Attendance = Packers landslide. Pay attention, Mark Murphy.

CIN at PIT: Nobody cares if I cheat, right? PIT.

PHI at BAL: I could make a "Donovan McNabb overtime" joke here, but instead I'll make fun of Joe Flacco's appearance. You are one gangly guy, Joe. Haw haw. PHI.

BUF at KC: Ok, I want to know who told Trent Edwards he was playing way over his head, because they broke his brain, apparently. BUF.

CHI at STL: As much as I can wish for a Rams win, it ain't gonna happen. CHI.

NYJ at TEN: Seems like a logical spot for the Titans to get their first loss, but I don't see it. TEN.

NE at MIA: Come on Miami, it's time: Ronne Brown = Full Time QB, Chad Pennington = Full Time Receiver. MIA.

MIN at JAC: Lisa and I can actually root together on this one. JAC.

SF at DAL: Dallas didn't win last week, Washington lost. Lets not get ahead of ourselves, Cowboys fans. DAL.

OAK at DEN: Was this a rivalry at some point? Several centuries ago? DEN.

CAR at ATL: No doubt, one of these two teams will win the AFC South (sorry Bucs) CAR.

NYG at ARI: Measuring stick time for the Cards. Let's go with the upset special. ARI.

WAS at SEA: GIDCAOTW. No pick.

IND at SD: The Chargers are on the edge, and Indy actually isn't as good as its record. SD.

GB at NO: A worrisome game, but one that must be won. GB.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sorry these are a bit later than usual, I sort of lost track of time last night playing Fable 2...

NYJ at BUF: Thanks a lot Buffalo, you've completely gone in the tank since I called you an AFC favorite. However, I think a certain #4 will help you guys out this week. BUF.

DET at CHI: I almost thought upset special here, but that would go against my #1 all time rule, "Never Pick Detroit in an Upset Special." CHI.

JAC at CIN: We're going to have to do away with the Bengals Implosion Threat Meter, because the implosion has already happened. JAC.

BAL at CLE: I'm just going to stop picking games involving the Browns at this point, it's impossible to get a read on them.

TB at KC: Kansas City, you blew your chance to pick up Fumbles McCulpepper! TB.

HOU at MIN: Ok, here's an upset special I can feel good about. HOU.

ARI at STL: St. Louis certainly has the smoke & mirrors thing going on right now. That isn't necessarily a compliment. STL.

GB at TEN: The titans aren't going to go 16-0, it might as well stop now. GB.

MIA at DEN: The Broncos continue on their merry way to being first round playoff cannon fodder. DEN.

DAL at NYG: Blah blah blah blah Cowboys Cowboys blah Cowboys. Ok, ESPN, I've just shown I meet your criteria for an NFL analyst, give me a job already. NYG.


PHI at SEA: Sorry Seahawks fans, last week was just an aberration. Also, Seahawks fans, do you exist? PHI.

NE at IND: Not exactly what you were hoping for when you grabbed this one, huh, NBC? NE.

PIT at WAS: Do the Steelers ever play during the day? PIT.