Saturday, May 08, 2004

You'll have to excuse me for my recent lack of posting, I'm getting ready for a week-long vacation in italy, which is a little less than a week away at this point. This being my first time in a foreign country, let alone a foreign country I'd studied extensively in college, I finally buckled down and bought a little digital camera, a ridulously small (at least to someone who's never had a digital camera before) 5-mp Casio. A SLR would have been nice but I'm not a millionaire yet and size and weight were a concern for something I'd be hiking around Rome with. Like all digital cameras, it comes with jack for memory out of the box, so I wandered on down to Sam's Club, where they were selling 256 SD cards for 60-odd bucks. I found them, saw this packaging scheme:

And literally fell to my knees in the aisle. After coming home, I used my nice new digital camera to record this atrocity for the rest of the world. Do the ends justify the means if there were other, better means available?