Sunday, November 27, 2005

It looks like someone forgot to pick a Monday Night Football game...and we almost forgot it as well, since we were going off Chris' list of games. However, I (Lisa) remembered in time to make a legitimate pick, so here it is:

PIT at IND: Obviously. IND
Lisa's back and making the picks this week, I will provide insightful commentary where appropriate.

CAR at BUF: Carolina responds to me talking about them as the best team in the NFC with a loss to THE BEARS? Needless to say, I'm perturbed. CAR

BAL at CIN: Every AFC North matchup just makes me want to look away. CIN

SF at TEN: Ken Dorsey: Sacraficial lamb of the week. TEN

NE at KC: The Pats are mediocre but medicore beats the Chiefs. NE

CLE at MIN: No, the Vikings have not "turned it around". CLE

CHI at TB: All the sportswriters who have worked themselves into a heaving froth about the Bears are going to feel real stupid a few weeks from now. TB

SD at WAS: I don't agree with this pick at all, but I'm not in much of a position to judge this year. WAS

STL at HOU: I know I thought the Texans were going to be bad, but ... wow. STL

MIA at OAK: Game I Don't Care About of the Week. MIA

JAX at AZ: The Jags are managing to win letdown games this year, which means I'm starting to believe in them. JAX

GB at PHI: This might actually work, the Eagles are even more messed up than the Packers right now. GB

NYG at SEA: I'm still not sold on Seattle, and neither is Lisa, apparently. NYG

NO at NYJ: Ugh. NYJ

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I may have almost missed last week, but at least I'm remembering thanksgiving picks this year.

ATL at DET: Time for Atlanta to right itself against the Lions, who are clearly the most disfunctional team in the league right now. ATL. (Note: This is not an endorsement of Atlanta)

DEN at DAL: I'm stuggling to differentiate between these two mediocre teams with good records and overhyped coaches... let's go with the team that doesn't have "Cow" in their name. DEN .

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Like the season couldn't get any worse: Lisa, who typically has to remind me to do picks every week, is gone on a conference this weekend. Of course, this means I completely forgot about them up until 5 minutes ago, when she called. Chris, do what you want, but bear in mind I haven't seen any scores at this point.







NO at NE: NE




SEA at SF: SF Upset Special




KC at HOU: HOU Upset Special


Saturday, November 12, 2005

I've decided to express my feeling this week in the ever-so-vouge form of Haiku

It has come to this:
The Packers, sepulcher-bound.
Samkon Gado, huh?

KC at BUF: Without Priest, the Chiefs under Trent Green are about as interesting as the Chiefs under Elvis Grbac. BUF.

SF at CHI: The NFC West's reign as worst division in football is finally over. Time to knock the NFC north down a peg. SF.

AZ at DET: Make that two pegs. ARI.

HOU at IND: Finally, the secret to Indy's success is revealed - they get to play the Texans every other week. IND.

NE at MIA: Maybe it was just the coordinators. MIA.

MIN at NYG: Yay, three pegs in one week! NYG.

BAL at JAX: Jacksonville is the perennial tease of the AFC, always seemingly ready to become a contender, but then always losing games like this. Nevertheless, JAX.

DEN at OAK: Yeah, they're good enough to beat the Raiders, but I'll never take a team seriously when their quarterback looks like this. DEN.

NYJ at CAR: I'd have to consider Carolina the favorite to take the NFC at this point. Face it, there really isn't anyone else out there. CAR.

GB at ATL: Blah. GB.

STL at SEA: You know how I just said there really isn't anyone out there in the NFC? I'm talkin' to you, Seattle. SEA.

WAS at TB: A surprise choice for Game I Don't Care About of the Week, considering both teams have winning records. Boring, boring, boring. WAS.

CLE at PIT: In my book, barely good enough to beat the Packers = not good enough to beat anyone else. CLE.

DAL at PHI: I know I wasn't the only one predicting doom for the Eagles when TO came over a couple years ago, but it still feels real nice. DAL.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

I really think that Average White Band's funk-rock classic Cut the Cake should replace The Birthday Song, as, well, the Birthday Song. But that's completely besides the point, it's time again for the weekly death march that this NFL season (consisting of the unholy triumvirate of Picks, Packers and Fantasy Football) has become to me.

I'll be doing AFC, Lisa NFC again - might as well share the pain

TEN at CLE: Cleveland has a better record than Tennessee? What planet are we on? I don't feel right about this but: CLE.

OAK at KC: Right on cue, Oakland pops into the picture a week after beating ... Tennessee. Sorry boys but that won't cut it. KC.

ATL at MIA. This is not a vote of confidence in the Dolphins, it's just that, as always, Atlanta needs to be knocked down a few pegs. Upset Special. MIA.

DET at MIN: I'm not happy about this pick either, but the Vikings are going nowhere. Det. (Lisa)

SD at NYJ: C'mon Superchargers, get on your horse already. How about a Philip Rivers sighting? He's nearly as statuesque as Drew Bledsoe. SD. *Note - I wrote this entry not realizing it contains a horrible pun. My apologies.

CAR at TB: In the battle for which team will lead the NFC south, which team will wind up on top? CAR. (Lisa)

HOU at JAX: Houston: the Devil Rays of the NFL. JAX.

CIN at BAL: If Cincy barely hung on against the Packers, I pity them. Punishment Pick/Upset Special II. BAL.

CHI at NO: Poor New Orleans. They try so hard. CHI. (Lisa)

SEA at ARI: Even though Arizona has actually won 2 games this season, that doesn't mean that they are good or anything. SEA. (Lisa)

NYG at SF: The Giants proved me wrong last week, and this time, they're playing San Francisco. NYG. (Lisa)

PIT at GB: I have a new theory on how to pick Packers games. Whenever the Badgers win, Green Bay loses. Whenever the Badgers lose, Green Bay wins. Yesterday, the Badgers lost, therefore: GB. (Lisa)

PHI at WAS: Philadelphia has turned into the soap opera team of the NFL. Kudos to them for suspending TO. WAS. (Lisa)

IND at NE: Everyone wants to pick Indy here, and as much as I hate to be fashionable, I'll have to agree. IND.