Friday, August 19, 2005

People are always asking me "Lucas, what would your personal hell look like?" Well, now I've found out that my personal hell actually exists, I can simply point them to a link. (Make sure to have your speakers on - and yes, this is real)

Monday, August 08, 2005

I have returned from my unintentional hiatus. As I've mentioned before, this site was never intended to be about my personal life, and I have every intention of keeping things that way, but I think I have to break the rules here to explain why it seems like I don't care about you anymore, my (likely fictional, especially after this long) readers. So, here's what's happened with me since we've last spoken.

1) I've gotten "hitched", as they say, to "Lisa", as they say - largely to ensure I will always have a backup plan in place if the Packers disgust me to the point where I cannot make picks
2) We (Lisa and I, not the Packers and I) have purchased a house - I will soon post pictures here, like a proud parent, but without an address or easily identifiable geographic features, so you can't just show up and use my spare bedroom whenever you feel like it. (You have to wait until after we unpack, which may be several decades from now) This house, incidentally, did not have hot and cold running internet (to borrow a phrase from Ron) hooked up when we arrived, so that also contributed to the post shortage.
3) I've had 3 hard drive failures, compounding the effort required to accomplish points #1 & #2.

So, that's my story... I have a real doozy of a link to post here soon but just to make sure I don't leave again for a long time I'll save it for later this week.