Monday, July 21, 2003

I haven't been posting much, not because I hate you, but because I've spent most of my free time recently playing a new Star Wars game for the XBOX. I'm used to wasting my time with Lisa*, but she's out of town for another week, so video games it is. Does this mean I care more about it than I do about you, the reader? Probably not. These things just get addictive some times, you know how it is. Actually, I'm on the edge of starting to do video game reviews to complement my occasional movie review, but am hesitant because this could become one big slippery slope, what with the number of games I go through. If I'm desperate enough for material (and things seem to be heading that direction), my hand may be forced in this matter.

*I'm not saying Lisa is a waste of time, I'm saying we often waste time together. Sorry in advance, Lisa.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

It looks like Mount Athos has successfully moved to greener pastures along with the rest of -273. Special thanks to David for allowing this antiquated, blogger-based -273 stepchild of web log to make a smooth transition. Most archives and pics appear to be in working order; I know there are a few more images that are still missing but I think I have them locally (and nobody cares anyway), so I think we're ready to go.

And, as a quick follow up to an earlier post, you can expect a really horrible-looking Brooks Kieschnick fan club page to be launched here in the near future.

Thursday, July 10, 2003

Hello Rubidium Viewers! So glad you could join me. I know you'll find this site much more intellectually stimulating than the old Rubidium. Ok, maybe that's a complete lie, but I do have a pretty picture of a monastery on a mountain. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

I have nothing to say, but I felt the need to post just to mock the rest of -273:

Haw-Haw! Look at me post!
Bet you wish you could - Well, sorry, but you can't - Boo-Hoo-Hoo, so sad!
Here I am wasting time and space while you are yearning, but unable, to speak out on important issues!

Alright, if I keep going I have a feeling that something "bad" may happen to Mount Athos. If anything does, feel free to avenge its death, loyal readers.

Sunday, July 06, 2003

I have once again returned unscathed from the south; with my neck just a bit more red and accompanied by the odor of mustard-based barbecue*. I could talk about the trip, but I will instead share this delicious quote from last night's Iron Chef, which deals with eveyone's favorite theme ingredient, caviar.

"This one really makes my fish egg dreams come true"
- Kageyama Tamio, recently deceased novelist and Iron Chef Judge.

By the way, you can read brief biographies of all the Iron Chef Judges here. And you must look at the picture of Kurimoto Shinichiro, better known as the "Lower House Member" here. Or you can go directly to his own website, (I am not making this up!) - "homo" here apparently refers to "homo sapiens", so don't worry.

* Have I ever told you the story about my confederate mustard? Remind me sometime.