Sunday, January 21, 2007

Just remembered to do picks this morning, so it's good there are only a couple games.

NE at IND. Peyton Manning will probably not have a good game, but the Pats would still need another all-the-breaks type performance to win here again, and that seems to not happen two weeks in a row. Plus, I've never been one to put much faith in the previous-playoff domination theories at work here - if anything, I think it gives an edge to the team that's been repeatedly beaten. IND.

NO at CHI. The better team wins. NO.

At least a Saints-Colts matchup* would be exciting, for a change. I still feel sick when I think of how bad Big Ben was in The Big Game* last year. Heinz Ward was the best quarterback on the field that day.

*Remember, you can't use that other phrase to describe the matchup, or the NFL will send its goon squad and the ghost of Lamar Hunt after you.

Friday, January 12, 2007

I'm never sure how "official" these postseason picks are, but since Chris and Brian are continuing on, so will I....

IND at BAL. Everything seems to point to the Ravens in this one, which means Indy may actually have a chance. However, I just can't force myself to make the pick. BAL.

PHI at NO. The NFC's so down right now that the Saints, who would have finished at or below .500 in the AFC, honestly look like the favorite to come out of the b-grade conference. NO.

SEA at CHI. Chicago gets to play the only team still in the playoffs that they're actually capable of beating. CHI.

NE at SD. I can already see Chris writhing in pain, as Schottie puts off the post-season choke job for at least a week. SD.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

In a dramatic turn of events, I pulled out all the stops last week to rush past Chris and Peter King in the standings. Talk about a dramatic ending...

Anyway, for the playoffs, lets just go with all the favorites this week: IND, SEA, NE, PHI